Artist's Journey


Since young, Crystal has developed a passion for jewellery. When she was five years old, her elder sister woke her up one day and swung a pendant in front of her. It was as if the pendant, which resembled a bunch of grapes set with colourful semi-precious stones, became a hypnotic pendulum that hypnotized her instantly. She fell in love with jewellery ever since. In the curious eyes of Crystal as a child, jewellery never failed to inspire awe and imagination in her. Her mother, Kim, who is good in sewing and embroidery herself, is also an inspiration to Crystal in her appreciation of crafts and artworks.

Crystal created her first pair of beaded ear rings at the age of twelve.  Her entrepreneurial spirit then led her to run an extremely well-received stall selling her own handcrafted jewellery during her secondary school days at an open weekend bazaar organized by Nanyang Art of Academy in front of the area where now Takashimaya stands.  

During her mid teens, her passion for jewellery grew deeper, she wished to have a life that closely associates her with jewellery, and she confided in her mother. It was during this discussion that her mother brought up the idea of studying jewellery design.  This was not a usual path that a normal Singaporean parent would want his or her child to take, as most parents here are more familiar with the mainstream education.

With her mother’s blessing, she went on to pursue an education in Jewellery Design and eventually graduated from RMIT University where she specialised in Gold and Silversmithing under the Ericsson Scholarship. She subsequently went on to become a certified diamond grader under the auspices of the HRD Antwerp Institute of Gemmology in Belgium.

Crystal accumulated many years of experience in the jewellery industry upon graduation, having worked for several leading jewellery brands. Her designs have been frequently featured in the media with excellent reviews from customers and collectors.

Crystal also conducts jewellery design programme at tertiary level and brings with her teaching a wealth of professional best practices and technical knowledge, with particular focus on jewellery design solutions that address customers’ needs and preferences as well as the assessment of the quality of jewellery. She has a deep understanding of the aesthetic aspect of jewellery design and possesses an astute sense in identifying emerging jewellery trends, and has been successful in creating a perfect marriage between the two, coming up with jewellery pieces that is modern looking and could stand the test of time.

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